Astra Pro Theme Framework

Ashton WP integrates seamlessly with Astra Pro, a popular WordPress theme framework, to empower agencies and freelancers with several key benefits:

Speed & Performance:

  • Lightweight & Blazing Fast: Astra Pro is known for being an incredibly lightweight theme. This translates to websites that load lightning fast, providing a smooth user experience for visitors and potentially improving your website’s ranking in search results (SEO). Faster loading times are crucial in today’s fast-paced web environment.

  • Performance Optimization Features: Astra Pro offers built-in performance optimization features that further enhance website speed. This can include options for lazy loading images, minifying code, and pre-fetching resources.

Design Flexibility & Customization:

  • Modern & Customizable Design: Astra Pro provides a beautiful, modern foundation that can be easily customized to fit your specific client needs and branding requirements.

  • Drag-and-Drop Integration with Elementor Pro: Since Ashton WP integrates with Elementor Pro, a popular drag-and-drop page builder, the combination of Astra Pro and Elementor Pro offers a powerful design toolkit. You can leverage Astra Pro’s design capabilities as the foundation and then use Elementor Pro’s drag-and-drop functionality for further customization and building layouts without writing any code.

  • Pre-Built Templates (Optional): Many Astra Pro versions include a library of pre-built website templates that can serve as a starting point for your designs. This can save you time, especially when working on similar projects for multiple clients.

Additional Benefits:

  • Mobile-Responsiveness: Astra Pro ensures websites built with Ashton WP are fully responsive and display flawlessly across all devices, including desktops, tablets, and smartphones. This is critical in today’s mobile-first browsing world.
  • SEO-Friendly: Astra Pro is built with clean and well-structured code, considered a foundational element for SEO. While SEO is a broader strategy, a well-coded theme is a good starting point.
  • Regular Updates & Maintenance: Unlike some free themes, Astra Pro includes free updates and ongoing maintenance, ensuring your clients’ websites stay up-to-date with the latest WordPress features and security patches.

In summary, Ashton WP leverages Astra Pro to provide a lightweight, performance-optimized foundation for the websites you build for clients. This allows for beautiful, responsive, and SEO-friendly designs, all while streamlining your workflow through drag-and-drop customization with Elementor Pro in our advanced plans.