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Tired of limitations? Build powerful websites with AshtonWP's Managed WordPress

Packed With Features Designed To Streamline Your Workflow And Impress Your Clients.

Focus on building strong client relationships – AshtonWP takes care of the technical complexities.

Built for Agencies & Freelancers

AshtonWP empowers agencies and freelancers to ditch the restrictions of and build stunning, high-performing websites with the freedom and flexibility of managed WordPress hosting.


Craft stunning, pixel-perfect websites thanks to Elementor Pro’s intuitive visual editor. No coding required, empowering designers and non-coders alike.

Pre-Built Templates

 Jumpstart your projects with a library of professionally designed templates and widgets that perfectly complement your vision from Astra Pro and Elementor Pro. 


Ashton WP leverages Astra Pro’s lightning-fast performance and lightweight code to ensure your websites load instantly and rank higher on search engines, not to mention Nitropack CDN on our high tiered plans.

Effortless Management

  • Forget server headaches. Our managed plans handle everything from core updates and backups to security monitoring, so you can focus on design and development.

Unmatched Customization

  • Unleash your creativity with full control over themes and plugins. Go beyond the limitations of and tailor every website to your client’s unique brand and needs.
  • Impress your clients with a professional touch. White-label our services and showcase your agency’s expertise within Astra Pro.

Built for Performance and Security

  • Don’t compromise on speed and reliability. Our managed hosting infrastructure ensures your websites load lightning-fast, keeping your clients happy and boosting SEO.
  • Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with industry-leading security measures. We take proactive steps to safeguard your client’s websites from online threats.


Pro Theme Framework

Astra Pro theme framework provides a solid foundation for building professional and visually appealing websites with a  wide range of customization options.

Pro Elementor

Elementor Pro offers a range of advanced design features and customization options that can help you create a professional and visually appealing website without needing to know how to code.

Nitropack CDN

Nitropack CDN stands out for its focus on speed, ease of use and global network. It’s a powerful tool to optimize website performance and deliver a seamless user experience.

SERVICE Features


WordPress is frequently targeted by hackers because of its extensive usage. It is essential to regularly update WordPress core, themes, and plugins to the most recent versions in order to incorporate important security patches.


Regular maintenance is crucial for optimal performance of your WordPress site. By optimizing databases, removing unnecessary files, and ensuring proper functioning, you can improve user experience and reduce loading times.


Keeping your WordPress site updated is crucial to ensure compatibility with the latest web technologies, browsers, and devices, ultimately enhancing the user experience for your visitors as technology advances.

Bug Fixes

Regularly updating your WordPress site is crucial for a seamless user experience and to avoid any issues caused by bugs in older versions. Maintenance is essential for a bug-free website.

Backup And Recovery

Regularly backing up your WordPress site is crucial for maintenance. With a recent backup, you can quickly restore your site if data is lost, hacked, or if there are server issues.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Updating and maintaining your website regularly is essential for search engine optimization. By keeping your content fresh, you increase your chances of ranking higher in search results, leading to improved visibility and increased website traffic.

Legal Compliance

By regularly maintaining your website, you can ensure compliance with regulations concerning data protection, accessibility, and other legal considerations.

Monitoring And Analytics

Regularly monitoring website analytics is crucial for addressing issues promptly and making informed decisions to improve site performance. Easily connect your site via MonsterInsight or Google Tag manager

User Experience

A properly maintained website enhances the visitor’s experience by ensuring all features function as intended, minimizing errors, and enhancing overall usability.

Services for Digital Agency Startups AND freelancers!

Starting a digital agency requires trusted and tried solutions , security features and a multitude of tools to create amazing websites for clients. ASHTON WP provides the platform tools and management, so you can focus on design and your clients and resell as needed as a solution.

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