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Ashton WP is a comprehensive WordPress design solution specifically built for agencies and freelancers. It leverages the power of Astra Pro, Elementor Pro, and Nitropack CDN to streamline your workflow and empower you to build beautiful, high-converting websites for clients - faster and more efficiently.

Ashton WP is an all-in-one solution that integrates seamlessly with the tools you already love (Astra Pro & Elementor Pro). It eliminates the need for juggling expensive plugins and bloated themes, offering a cost-effective and efficient way to build websites.

  • Streamlined Workflow: Drag-and-drop design and pre-built elements save you time and effort.
  • Improved Client Satisfaction: Real-time collaboration and faster delivery keep clients happy.
  • Cost-Effective: Eliminate the need for multiple plugins and themes.
  • Increased Efficiency & Scalability: Handle more projects without sacrificing quality.
  • Beautiful & High-Converting Websites: Deliver results for your clients.

Yes, however, Ashton WP goes beyond themes. It provides a comprehensive solution that included the  Astra Pro Theme, a lightweight and high-performing WordPress theme.

Ashton WP doesn't replace core functionality plugins you might use, but it leverages the power of fully licensed Elementor Pro, a popular drag-and-drop page builder, for visual design and editing. Additionally, Nitropack CDN integration is built-in for lightning-fast website speeds.  You can also add any plugin you need.

Ashton WP utilizes fully licensed versions of Elementor Pro and Astra Pro or all our sites.  This allows us to offer an all-in-one solutions for agencies, while we worry about the billing and additional licenses.

Due to the nature of our managed service,  Ashton WP does NOT provide access to your Cloudways managed hosting. This decision allows us to  ensures exceptional website performance, reliability, and security for all our customers.  If you do want access to your hosting, we can provide our services on a discounted version of a Cloudways plan of your choosing or request an Enterprise solution for your own dedicated VPS. Contact us to inquire.

While Ashton WP leverages the secure foundations of Astra Pro and Elementor Pro, it also seamlessly integrates with Cloudflare, a leading provider of content delivery networks (CDNs) and web security solutions. Cloudflare offers features like DDoS mitigation, enhanced website security, and free SSL certificates for an extra layer of protection.  Along with that, we provide basic WordPress maintenance services on all sites to ensure code and plugins stay up to date and secure.  

Ashton WP allows you to build websites with clean, well-structured code, which is a foundational element for SEO. However, SEO is a broader strategy. We recommend you explore these additional practices:

  • Content Optimization: Create high-quality content with relevant keywords to attract organic traffic.
  • Technical SEO: Ensure your website loads fast on all devices and consider structured data markup.
  • Backlinks & Brand Awareness: Build backlinks from reputable websites and promote your content on social media.

Ashton WP leverages Stripe's secure Client Portal functionality, offering additional benefits:

  • Client Self-Service: Empower our clients with secure access to their billing information directly through Ashton WP. The Client Portal allows them to view invoices, track payment history, and even update their payment methods independently. This fosters transparency and reduces administrative tasks for our team.
  • Improved Communication: The Client Portal acts as a central hub for billing-related communication, minimizing email exchanges regarding invoices or payments.
  • Boost Client Satisfaction: Offer a secure and convenient payment experience for our clients, building trust and strengthening relationships.
  • Increase Efficiency: Automate recurring invoices, streamline billing processes, and empower our clients to manage their accounts independently, freeing up our team's valuable time.

Need an alternate payment method such as PayPal?  Please contact us.

When transferring a site away from Ashton WP services, you will need to obtain licensing of all the Pro tools in order for the site to function correctly. All current licenses will be removed.

We do NOT offer migration assistance if moving away from Ashton WP.

Yes, websites using any plan except Enterprise of AshtonWP with Nitropack CDN integration will display a basic footer message acknowledging Nitropack's service. This message cannot be removed on these plans.

Upgrade to the Nitropack CDN Enterprise plan to enjoy complete footer removal and the Nitropack branding message. The Enterprise plan offers additional benefits like increased security features and priority support.

Benefits of Upgrading to the Enterprise Plan:

  • Remove Nitropack CDN Footer Message
  • Enhanced Security Features
  • Priority Support

We understand not everyone wants to create a new site, but want access to a better managed hosting solution that AshtonWP offers.  For that reason, we will migrate your current WordPress website for free and as a bonus, if you use Elementor or the Astra Theme, we will also apply a Pro licenses if requested.  Just contact us as [email protected] to start this process.

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Services for Digital Agency Startups AND freelancers!

ASHTON WP provides the platform tools and management, so you can focus on design and your clients and resell as needed as a solution.